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I'm happiest most when creating

Since a young age I've been interested in creating things. From a family of photographers and a mother who spins her own wool, I've always had a great desire and need to tell stories.

Before I could write I'd draw, filling notebooks bought  from the post office with smudged scrawls drawn with Crayola markers.

From quilling, to spinning and sewing, nothing has quite captured me like collage. There's something magical about putting a picture together using snippets of paper. When I'm not collaging I like to use watercolour and experiment with pencil crayon.


Other creative pursuits include creating charms out of polymer clay and some of my creations have been published in a book.

Outside art I love to write and am currently working on a novel. I also enjoy walks with my family in the woods.


My inspiration comes from nature and my love of Cornwall. I adore whimsical imagery and seaside themes.

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